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Nillkin 2.4A Jelly Universal Dual USB Car Charger For Smartphone

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1. Unique¬†“easy¬†swap”¬†design,¬†matte¬†texture¬†of¬†aluminum¬†–¬†magnesium¬†alloy¬†panels,
Honorable fashion,excellent thermal performance.
2. German imports of plastic fuselage and top bunk of the film process, lasting shine.
3. Using 50um gold charging port, contact good performance and durability.
4. Built-in intelligent power management chip for different non-electronic products with accurate charging current;3.1A output,
Support for various brand mobile phones, tablet PCs and convenient navigation, etc.
(fully compatible with smart phones and tablets)


Brand: Original Nillkin
Product Code: J-CC 1A/2.4A
Product Category: Car Charger
Input voltage: DC 12-24V
Output 1: DC 5V/2.4A
Output 2:DC 5V/1A
Color: White, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green

Product Net Weight: 20.9g
Product Gross Weight: 39.2g

Package Size: 175 X 99 X 2mm
Protection circuit: Overload protection, short circuit protection
Suitable models: All smart phones and tablets

Package Included: 

1 X Nillkin Dual USB Car Charger